The objective of this project was to design and implement a tool for quantification of the risk of infection transmission by blood transfusion in an outbreak-affected region, or the risk from a stream of donors who have visited such a region.

The tool was requested to be developed as a JavaScript application running in any relatively modern web browser (compatibility with IE7 maintained).

The prototype of the model has been delivered as an Excel spreadsheet. This has been ported to JavaScript and extended with:

  1. inputs validation
  2. ability to switch input type (constant/random)
  3. charting of probability distributions assigned to the inputs
  4. performing Monte-Carlo simulations
  5. switching output formulas based on certain criteria
  6. handling a questionnaire
  7. histograms of output variables
  8. saving/loading inputs
  9. printing

The tool is implemented using jQuery (generic JavaScript library for DOM manipulation), Flot (jQuery charting library), Toastr(jQuery plugin for non blocking notifications).

Latest version is available here: